What is Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE and how it works?

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Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE

Mercedes-Benz safety systems are second to none in the industry. You can depend on every model being equipped with the latest in technology for safe and secure driving. One of those systems is Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE, an innovation that protects occupants from harm.

Explore the Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE system and its benefits, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz of Goldens Bridge in New York.

How PRE-SAFE Works

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are equipped with sensors used for everything from advanced driver-assistive technologies to collision detection systems. PRE-SAFE uses a network of sensors like these to detect when a collision may be imminent. That could be a rollover, a frontal impact, or a multitude of scenarios.

In a collision, airbags deploy at an extremely high rate of speed. Some injuries can occur simply from these protective devices, although the alternative is much worse. But with Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE, you’ll be protected even better from restraint systems.

What PRE-SAFE Does for You?

If Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE detects conditions that indicate you’re about to be in a collision, it kicks in with protective features.

  • Pre-tensioners on the front seat belts are activated. The seat belt tightens against the passenger to hold them firmly against the seat and away from the explosive inflation of an airbag.
  • Front seat headrests are automatically adjusted. The headrest moves into position to help prevent whiplash and head and neck injuries.
  • It closes the windows and sunroof. If PRE-SAFE detects that a collision is about to happen, it can automatically close the windows and sunroof. This action keeps debris outside your car and away from passengers who could be hurt by it.
  • On some models, PRE-SAFE Sound can protect your ears from the pressures and noise of a loud crash. It emits a tone that’s known to trigger a reflex in the inner ear, mitigating hearing damage from a collision.

At your Mercedes-Benz dealership in Goldens Bridge, the Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE system is standard or available on many common models and trim levels.

Part of a Complete Safety System

PRE-SAFE is just one of many systems that you’ll find in luxury cars and SUVs from Mercedes-Benz. Other systems available include:

  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC. This advanced cruise control system keeps a set distance from the vehicle ahead of you when it’s engaged. It can even bring your vehicle to a complete stop without manual brake input.
  • ATTENTION ASSIST. Mercedes-Benz is the first to bring a feature to market to detect driver fatigue. It detects your normal driving style and continues to monitor the driver’s actions to detect possible onset of drowsiness, then alerts you to suggest you take a rest.
  • Active Blind Spot Assist. A sensor in the rear bumper detects when a vehicle is in your blind spot and illuminates a warning light. Should you signal a lane change while the warning is on, an alert will sound.

These and other Mercedes-Benz safety systems mean you’ll be as safe as possible when you’re driving in any conditions.

Interested in learning more about PRE-SAFE or other safety systems? Visit Mercedes-Benz of Goldens Bridge for a test drive today.



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