Governor Cuomo Approves Vehicle Sales for License Dealers During Covid-19

March 26th, 2020 by

Remote Sales Allowed During COVID-19 Emergency

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has approved a request by GNYADA and all of the State’s Dealer Associations to allow sales by licensed dealers through a remote or electronic process for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. Until further notice, dealers may complete sales transactions only under the conditions and in the manner described below:

Dealership sales departments should not be open to the general public, but dealers may conduct transactions remotely or electronically to meet the needs of a segment of consumers who, at this critical time, require new or replacement vehicles, or who must return a vehicle where the lease has ended.

Apply social distancing requirements to all appointments for vehicle deliveries or lease returns.

Conduct all deliveries and interactions in one of the following safe settings:

  • Outside a dealership;
  • In a service bay cleaned according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Coronavirus Prevention Guidelines;
  • In a designated room cleaned according to the CDC Guidelines; or
  • At a consumer’s home or place of business.

All personal interactions – whether in returning a vehicle or exchanging paperwork – must follow CDC Guidelines and NYS requirements related to workplace health and social distancing.

This policy change was the result of a cooperative effort by Dealer Associations across New York, including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Greater New York, the Capital District, and the New York State Auto Dealers Association. It is a temporary measure, and it will expire when the emergency is over.

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